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Tibet: Mt. Kailash Trek

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Bukhara, is known to be Central Asia’s holiest city. The buildings in this ancient city are more than a thousand years old! Back in the 16th century, Bukhara was a bustling market town on the Silk Road route. Because of this, many caravans came through here to trade goods at some of the many covered bazaars. As …

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Soft, flowing spring looks find the perfect backdrop in Nanxun, a well-preserved water town on China’s ancient Grand Canal. A graceful union of arched bridges, narrow lanes, and sun-dappled pavilions, Nanxun looks like it slipped off the canvas of a Chinese ink painting. Less than 100 kilometers west of Shanghai on the southern edge of Lake …

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Tucked away in the remote corner of exotic west of Tibet, sacred Mount Kailash (6714m) dominates the entire region’s landscapes. This revered mountain is holiest of all the holy mountain and considered as a spiritual junction for Hindus, Buddhist, Jain and Bon regions. Every year thousands of pilgrim flocks here to make pilgrimage tour to …

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