A slow, tired morning train crossing the mountain plains to Tibet. A bullet train flying into urban wild Shanghai. A walk on an unknown part of the Great Wall. Freshly cooked dumplings with spring onions and cool art of tomorrow and architecture of today. Slow, though fast, this is China of today.

Change Your Perception of China In China changes have been fast and wild. The East coast of China with metropolises like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou has been developing with tremendous speed. For some years more than 40 % of all construction cranes were placed in Shanghai. At first the enormous western provinces of China were left far or less unchanged except from thousands of workers moving east towards job and opportunities. But now, pulled by the fast development in the East, China’s Western provinces are starting to pick up, too. But still there is also a slow China. A China of yesterday. Either a train ride to the West. Or just 100 meters down a side alley in Beijing.

The Chinese middleclass is growing, and have started now not only to travel but to choose adventures on roads less travelled. And at the same time we have seen a wild development on the art and culture scene within China, though mostly in and around the big cities. More and more primarily young Chinese have learned to speak English. This makes it much easier to travel here for outsiders, but also more likely to connect and make friends than 20 years ago.

The infrastructure is changing rapidly. Many new express trains; airports, train stations and roads are being constructed. And with a speed that would be out of question anywhere else. It makes it faster and more convenient to travel in China.

But China is still enormous. And traveling in China is all about making the right choices and being selective. Most travelers tend to do trips that cover too vast distances from point to point, without having time to digest, and explore in depth. So if you only have 2 or 3 weeks, we recommend you choose few places and see them well. You can always come back. It is the right time for a China visit, to grab the old China, and catch the new currents. Plan your personalised travel experience today!

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