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Mongolia: Reindeer Trails and Shaman

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Bhutan: Punakha Tshechu Festival

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Thailand: Bangkok Old Market Hidden Street Eats

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Meeting with the oldest religious souls on earth – Darkhad Shaman, plus travelling through Northern to Central Mongolian beautiful and historical places. Of course, plenty of off roading adventures here for you. Deep in the taiga, also known as boreal forest, in the far north of Mongolia live around 40 reindeer-herding families. The Mongolians call …

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In Bhutan, a peace-loving country that measures national wealth by Gross National Happiness, you’ll find both stunning scenery and a rich cultural tapestry of Buddhist arts, traditions, and festivals. On a journey through the heartland of this devoutly spiritual country, you’ll travel from picturesque Paro Valley to the capital city of Thimphu, then on to …

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Spring rolls with fresh herbs, prawns and salty nuts. A road corner, in Hanoi, in the evening with home brewed beer and sunflower seeds. A boat trip through rocks of eternity, a trek into light green fragile rice fields. Road tripping on a motorbike through the pleasantly cool tropical night. To a town still living …

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Kicking off with a hair-raising klong boat ride from Siam pier to a hidden old town district rarely visited by Westerners… get set for the best Bangkok food tour in town. Wander through this peaceful laid-back neighbourhood where you’re unlikely to see another traveler and tackle the century old food market that’s been feeding locals …

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Siem Reap’s most attention-grabbing Cambodian cuisine these days is surprisingly its most traditional, coming out of the very rustic upstairs kitchen of Pou Restaurant, which occupies an unrenovated wooden house on a dusty street opposite the historic Wat Damnak Pagoda. Pou translates as “uncle” in Cambodia, where it is customary to use the local equivalents …

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Tibet is a sacred place and abundant of holy peaks. Among them, Mount Kailash (6638 meters) is revered as the holiest destination of pilgrimage to Tibetans. Attracted by breathtaking mountain scenery and palpable sense of holiness in this particular region, numerous tourists and believers flock to Darchen (4675 meters) to have a try of the ultimate 3-day kora …

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