The mighty Mekong brings life to Laos. Flow with her to Luang Prabang for a colonial touch, her crisp and fine cuisine, her slowness and mostly quiet breath. Sit by the river and see the sun set. Jump on a local bus to a remote village. Hang out and meet the monks in the early mornings and learn about Lao buddhism. Be an explorateur and go for an adventure in the north near the border to Yunnan. Be curious and let Laos set the pace.

For long we all predicted that Laos would soon be the next big, for backpackers and adventurous souls. But Laos have stayed pretty slow, and did not pick up as fast as we expected. Laos stayed more undeveloped, and more poor than her neighbouring sister countries. But she calls for a visit. And we decided to take you there.

So here she is, lush, green and beautiful, and still the queen of quiet villages, slow dusty roads, easygoing people. Follow a track through lush forest, to the finest waterfall, for a refreshing swim. Move on to a small laid-back village in the mountains, and stay with the locals for the night. Join one of our fine Laos experiences, then leave space to explore a bit more on your own. Plan your personalised travel experience today!

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