Blue whales at close encounter. Crispy green tea plantations as far as the eye can see. Rainforest trees spreading their purple and red flowers shadowing a remote mountain road. The smell of burned firewood in Ella before the sun wakes up and giant sea turtles laying their eggs at beaches loved by sun bleached surfers. We have recently ventured into fairly unknown Sri Lanka, and we want you to discover the same.

Sri Lanka’s Diversity Sri Lanka is blessed with a fine diversity in a rather small area. Travel one hour from the capital, Colombo, and you are in the mountains. Go one hour deeper into the mountains and you are in an area of crispy green tea plantations and serene mountain scenery. Travel one hour south of the capital and you are at some beautiful beaches. Beaches where you can do very fine surfing too. In a not too compact 10 days journey you can combine mountains, national parks with wildlife, remote beaches and whale watching. Not many places in the world can match that.

Visit Sri Lanka Now In the 1970s Sri Lanka was picking up as a big travel destination. Now after years of turbulence and war, Sri Lanka is peaceful again. For most Sri Lankans a new life have begun. A life with dreams and plans for a fine future. Sri Lanka is still fairly unknown land for most people, take advantage of this opportunity and visit Sri Lanka now before millions of tourists discover its gems. Plan your personalised travel experience today!

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