6-Days Peach Blossom Festival, Tibet

Here is the perfect solution for those whose time is limited but are still determined to make the trip of a lifetime. This six day tour from Linzhi and Lhasa to emphasize the stunning beauty of Tibet while providing a luxury travel experience, complimented by authentic contemporary encounters with the Tibetan way of life. This is a week you will not soon forget! Six days is all it takes: arrive in Miling (Linzhi) on Day 1 and depart from Lhasa on Day 6. We bring the roof of the world within easy reach. In the hands of a capable and engaging Tibetan guide who looks after all the details for you, ensures that you don’t return more tired than before you left. Bring a friend, your partner, your family. If you desire the most breath-taking views of Tibet packed into a few days, this tour will not disappoint.

Basic Itinerary: Day 1: Flight Chengdu to Linzhi. Day 2: Lu Lang Scenic Valley. Day 3: Draksumtso Lake. Day 4: Make your way to Lhasa. Day 5: Lhasa, Sightseeing. Day 6: Flight Lhasa to Chengdu.

Tibet Goes Well With: China, Nepal, India, Bhutan   MEET AN EXPERT  We love the stunning mountains, stark landscapes, and friendly people of Tibet.  CONTACT US

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