Zhangye: Giant Reclining Buddha

With some time to kill before catching our train to Lanzhou we went to Dafo Si, Giant Buddha Temple, which has the largest wooden reclining Buddha in Asia. The temple itself is very big and was originally built in the 11th century. The Buddha itself is a sight to behold, although no photos were allowed, but it was the temple buildings themselves which steal the show. The intricate eaves and roofs are really wonderful and I almost fell down some stairs whilst looking up.. 

Onwards to Sichuan tomorrow and up onto the Tibetan plateau…

Our desert adventures are over. It has been great to travel down the old silk road and visit the oasis cities along the way . Highlights were the stunning artwork of the Mogao Caves, The Ming Dynasty Great Wall and the stunningly beautiful mountains of Danxia. A really beautiful part of China. 


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