Monks at a pagoda down a dusty road. Young curious eyes following your steps from a ramshackle school in the hills. A bike ride through the temples of Bagan in the early mornings mist. A trek into mountains of yesterday north of Mandalay. Old men in Longyi skirts, whispering of todays news at colonial teashops. Slowness, hope, and many questions to be asked. Burma, awaits you, entangles you, and stays in you. Forever!

About Burma Burma, now Myanmar, is unknown to most people, yet most people have an imagination of Burma. The fight for freedom, Aung San Sui Kyi, welcoming smiles, old British colonial hotels, a fragile bamboo bridge, the Shwedagon Pagoda, weather beaten faces and home rolled cigars. You name it. Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake. Places you might recognize. From pictures, stories from other travelers, love poetry, and dreaming songs about old beauty.

Is Burma a difficult place to travel? No, it is not if you have tons of time. If you don’t, consider our suggestion exploration that can take you places in shorter time, yet still with time to explore and dwell. Explore Burma via roads less travelled on our “Burma Backdoor Explorer Tour”. Capture the traditional highlights from a new perspective with “Classic Burma Spice Trip” or take the “Shan State Adventure” to travel remote areas of Shan State.

Burma Today Today Burma is redefining itself, but there are many stakeholders, and many voices, and millions of stories. It is time for you to explore Burma on your own. We would love to help you! New borders are opening; new flight routes are ignited, making the unknown accessible.

Are people friendly? Yes, they are. Beyond imagination. If you are curious and open you can expect some fine time with the Burmese people. You can be sure to be invited for a cup of tea or talk with 30 kids outside a school, the ladies waiting for the bus at the river or the old men at the coffee shop.

Arrival Packages in Burma Stress at the airport, hawkers trying to take you where you don’t want to go? Why not treat yourself to a smooth start on your Burma adventures. Let us pick you up at the airport, bus or train station; transfer you in style through the bustling city and straight to the comfort of your hotel. For a soft landing in Burma start plan your personalised travel experience here.

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