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Textiles of Guizhou, China

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The textiles of the Miao and Dong people in this southwestern province of China literally tell of their history and beliefs in pictorial illustrations and symbols. A woman’s marital status and home village can be identified by the color and pattern of the clothing she wears. The Miao are known among textile collectors for their fine embroidery skills, weaving and batik dying.  Since this is …

This 7-day tour starts in the beautiful city of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of ancient temples, colonial architecture and undulating countryside. On this journey, you’ll meet remote hill tribes, kayak through thick jungle, hike mountainous forest and enjoy sustainable stays in peaceful villages. Proposed programme: Day 1, You’ll begin your journey in …

Explore this oft-overpassed island, located off the southern mainland of China with this exciting 7-day Taiwan itinerary. Experience the juxtaposition of ancient temples and towering skyscrapers on the age-old landscape. Taipei is a cultural epicenter with a unique lifestyle. Located on the “ring of fire,” relax in a soothing natural hot spring, while absorbing the …