xplore the North Gobi on the back of a camel

Get up close and personal with Mongolian culture on our tour of the Gobi Steppe, a treeless grassland inhabited by Mongolian nomads. Here, you’ll experience their traditional lifestyle, from the equestrian nature of their transportation, to their nomadic ger tents. Plod across a 19km-long sand dune on the back of a majestic camel. Make friends with local families, who will help you out along the way and allow you a window into their incredible culture.

Proposed programme: Day 1, You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Ulaanbaatar, in the morning. A two-hour drive will take you across the treeless steppe, all the way to North Gobi. You’ll meet some of the local nomadic steppe families and take a peek into their traditional culture; Day 2, Today you’ll take a drive across the steppe, along the way, stop to see prehistoric petroglyphs, Zorgol Hairpin Mountains; Day 3, Trace the 19km long sand dune that makes up the North Gobi today, on the back of a camel; Day 4, Return to Ulaanbaatar today; Day 5, End your Mongolia adventure and fly onward to your next destination

Mongolia Goes Well With: China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan MEET AN EXPERT Our favourite Mongolia experience included off-road driving through lunar landscapes, meeting nomad families, and camping in the Altai mountains.   CONTACT US

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