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A trip to Mongolia is sure to deliver unforgettable dining experiences. Many meals on a Mongolian expedition will take place around a bonfire in the Gobi Desert, savouring a feast prepared by a skilled chef at a Ger camp. Meanwhile, outside of the desert, culinary diversity abounds in Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar, with options that range from Latin American cuisine to upscale Japanese to local spins on the French fromagerie. There’s of course room for traditional Mongolian fare, too, which mostly includes meat and milk-based dishes – a nod to the nomads’ herds of cow, sheep, and goat. If you’re looking for where to eat in Ulaanbaatar, here are a few of my favourite spots in the city centre.

Fromagerie MACU grew out of what was initially a dilemma. During the summer, Mongolian cows, yaks, goats, sheep, and camels naturally produce billions of litres of milk, which is more than the herders can sell. This gave way to the question: what can we do with this milk?

MACU’s answer: build cheese plants across Mongolia in partnership with local herders and produce world-class cheese. In doing so, they foster sustainable agricultural practices that preserve the grasslands and conserve the genetics of ancient breeds. At the same time, the herders receive additional income and a hub for other community initiatives.

IKH Mongol A real local’s haunt with an outdoor beer garden and the odd live music set, find Ikh Mongol a short walk south of the State Department Store, and next to the Mongolian National Circus building. Head here for a casual evening, paired with a menu of Mongolian specialties, hearty pub food, and beer from the Hops and Rocks craft brewery next door. TV screens broadcasting local sports matches are sure to keep you entertained during your meal. (Mongolian wrestling, anyone?)

Modern Nomads This small local chain is well-loved by Mongolians and expats alike. They make a long list of traditional dishes served in a laid-back environment. There is a location just off of Sukhbaatar Square in the heart of Ulaanbaatar.

Silk Road & Veranda These two stylish restaurants share the same location. Each offers a delicious array of Mediterranean and other cuisines. After dinner, you can head to the Fat Cat Jazz Club, which is also located in the same building.

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