Kolkata Uptown Food Tour

Kicking off at sundown, meet your guide before heading north to a district known for having the best places to eat in Kolkata.

Starting with a tropical lasse, you’ll meander through the calm residential streets taking in sights and picking up tasty titbits on the move. Continue your food tour to discover how local people chill out and relax after hours and what they like to nibble on when doing so. Snacking all the while, your food tour circumambulates the largest municipal swimming baths you’ll ever see, offering local Bengali’s a refreshing dip in the sweltering heat of summer. Back on College Street it’s a hop, step and a jump onto the oldest tram in Asia to continue the journey. Finish in the old book district with Indian favourites like sandesh, sherbet soda and a trip to a grand old smoky coffee house for a final taste in the faded splendour of the British Empire.

Why This Tour is Awesome The intellectual heart of the city, Sovabazar and Shyambazar are hotbeds of philosophical and political discourse. Here the Bengal revolutionary fighter Subhas Chandras Bose is more famous than Gandhi and the people are passionate about their rights and independence.

Availability: All Year Round Maximum Size: 8 guests Start: 17h00 – 21h00 Menu: 14 Tasting Menu Price from $60 Guide: Licensed Foodie Guide Family Friendly: Children welcome Transport: Subway, bus, train + rickshaw Pick-Up/Drop-Off: Not included. 

TAKE ME THERE This Is Just A Teaser Of The Many Possibilities Awaiting You 

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