Silk Road Impression

Visit Buddhist Relics And Fortress On The Silk Road

For centuries, the winding province of Gansu marked the eastern edge of the exotic Silk Road. On this adventurous twist on a classic Silk Road tour, you’ll encounter sand dunes that sing in the wind, mountains with colors that dance in the sunlight, and deserts that hide ancient Buddhist art in clandestine caves.

Day 1: Arrive Zhangye and drive to the Danxia land formation. Day 2: Start the day early and visit Giant Buddha Temple. Exploration of Zhangye’s unique landscapes when you hike in Pingshanhu Grand Canyon. Day 3:  Visit the Matisi Grottoes (1-hour drive) one of the three most important Buddhist Grottoes in Gansu. In the afternoon, drive to Jiayuguan (3 hours). Day 4: Visit Jiayuguan and drive to Dunhuang. Day 5: Today visit Minsha Sand Dunes, Crescent Moon Lake, Mogao Grottoes. Day 6: Watch the sunrise in the desert from the roof of your hotel before transferring to the airport for your departure flight.

This Is Just A Teaser Of The Many Possibilities Awaiting You.  MEET AN EXPERT  Discovering Dunhuang’s Mogao Caves is an experience   CONTACT US

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    June 30, 2020

    I just finished my trip on the Silk Road and it was amazing. Stunning nature and beautiful culture all in one trip. I would recommend everyone to visit this interesting area in China.

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