Pingyao: Raise the Red Lantern

Witness the beauty of Chinese art and culture

Once the financial capital of China’s last emperors, the Qing, Pingyao’s claim to tourism fame comes from none other than famed director Zhang Yimou. He immortalized its perfectly-preserved Chinese architecture in his film Raise the Red Lantern. Amateur photographers and videographers have been wandering Pingyao streets, shutters snapping, ever since.

The Datong – Pingyao itinerary will take you across the Shanxi province, where you will visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, the Yungang Grottoes and courtyard estates in Pingyao. Ancient opera stages and the classic Nine Dragon Wall in Datong will immerse you in the long and colorful history of the region. A beautiful, scenic route and an adventurous walk along the top of 15th-century ramparts will make this trip truly unforgettable. 

Featured Program: Day 1: Catch a flight to the beautiful city of Datong, Day 2: Gather your belongings to make an early start towards the south-west region of Pingyao, a 4-hour drive away. explore the incredible wooden Hanging Temple perched on the sacred Hengshan mountain. Connect with traditional Chinese art and culture at the Jinci Temple complex and explore Qiao’s Compound, an 18th-century courtyard estate comprising over 300 rooms and an ancestral temple. Day 3: A day spent in the nostalgic, Ming-era town will be much more adventurous than your usual form of sightseeing. Day 4: Take your time to pack your bags as an airport transfer awaits you. 

This Is Just A Teaser Of The Many Possibilities Awaiting You. MEET AN EXPERT  Explore the wondrous ancient Buddhist grottoes at the World Heritage Site of Yungang.   CONTACT US

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