The Silk Road remains one of the world’s most legendary journeys, full of dusty desert roads and ancient towns immortalized in the accounts of Marco Polo. Desert landscapes stretch out seemingly endlessly along this ancient crossroads of civilization, broken up only by occasional oasis settlements. The legacy of this trade route has shaped the region’s multiculturalism, home as it is to several ethnicities, religions, and languages. Retrace the footsteps of traders long gone by exploring bustling bazaars, gazing upon the desolateness of the Taklamakan Desert, and wandering through cities that seem more Central Asian than Chinese.

Featured Program: Day 1: Arrive Turpan Day 2: Wander through the ruins in the old city of Jiaohe, once a flourishing, multiethnic city that wars were fought over • Admire the Central Asian-style Emin Minaret, intricately sculpted with traditional floral patterns • Explore Turpan’s ingenious ancient karez water system, one of the oldest irrigation systems in the world • Pass by the surreal sight of the Flaming Mountains, a scorching set of red sandstone ridges Day 3: Visit Xinjiang Provincial Museum, home to terracotta figures, porcelain, weapons, and 4,000 year old mummies • Spend the day by the clear blue waters of Karakul Lake, surrounded by pristine scenery Day 4: Admire the distinctive Islamic architecture of Abakh Khoja Mausoleum and the Id Kah Mosque Day 5: Enjoy the vibrant bursts of color and sound at the famous Kashgar Sunday Bazaar • Stroll around the distinctly Central Asian Kashgar old town, which stood in for Kabul in the filming of The Kite Runner • Relax with a dinner of traditional Uyghur cuisine with a local family Day 6: Head to Dunhuang • Set out for the Mingsha Sand Dunes, which Marco Polo dubbed “the rumbling sands” for the sound they make when the wind blows • Travel to Crescent Moon Lake, an oasis situated in the notoriously inhospitable Taklamakan Desert Day 7: Explore the Mogao Grottoes, also known as the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, an ancient treasure trove filled with numerous manuscripts, frescoes, paintings, and sculptures • Depart Dunhuang

This Is Just A Teaser Of The Many Possibilities Awaiting You.  MEET AN EXPERT  Wandering through dusty buildings of Kashgar Old Town which stood in for Kabul in the movie The Kite Runner.  CONTACT US

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