Xian: Terracotta Warriors Day Tour

On this day tour of Xian delve into China’s illustrious ancient history, from a legendary army of life-sized Terracotta Warriors to a museum dubbed the “Treasure Chest of Ancient China.”

Xian is where China’s self-proclaimed first Emperor united the warring states of The Middle Kingdom. On this day tour of the city you will come face-to-face with the eternally-stationed terracotta army that followed him into the afterlife, get a bird’s eye view of modern living from the turrets of the Ming-era city wall and dig your chopsticks into the cuisine that marks Xi’an as a melting pot of culture at the end of the fabled Silk Road.

Featured Program: Day 1: Take a stand before the unflinching, eternally-stationed Terracotta Warriors Army before creating miniature terracotta guardians of your own • Enjoy a lunch of local snacks ranging from chilled sesame noodles to chicken shwarmas sandwiched in Uyghur flatbread • Wander through the exhibition halls of the Shaanxi History Museum, which has been dubbed the “Treasure Chest of Ancient China” • As the sun begins to set, head out on a bicycle ride along Xian’s ancient city wall.

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