Venture into to the heart of fabled ‘Shangri-La’ on a journey of spiritual and cultural discovery through Yunnan’s Tibetan plateau.

Along the southeastern tip of the Tibetan Plateau lies a collection of humble villages that blend harmoniously into their surroundings. From mingling with shamans and monks to discovering ancient villages and verdant natural spaces, we’ll enjoy life at a slower pace; letting the trip leisurely unfold so the area’s atmosphere and nuances can truly be appreciated. Although the region’s landscapes consistently leave us slack-jawed, it’s the charm of the people you’ll meet along the way that make this journey unforgettable.

Featured Program: Day 1: Begin your journey in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lijiang. Rest up or explore the small paths and canals that weave through Lijiang Old Town Day 2: Set out across Wenhai Valley to a remote village where the ‘Bimo’, or village shaman, will share his perspective on local life and his ancient faith. Day 3: Arrive in Tacheng, located in Yunnan’s most rugged and mountainous northwest region, by way of Lijiang. On the way, take to the tranquil streets of Shuhe Old Town, a peaceful village nestled in a forest bordering the mountainside. Day 4: Rise early to visit one of China’s rarest and most adorable creatures, the snub nosed monkey. Retrace an ancient Tibetan pilgrimage route to Dharma Cave or learn how to make soy milk and tofu with a local family in Hadda village. Day 5: Tacheng to Shangri-La. Witness monks going about their daily routine and learn about their lives at Dongzhulin Temple, the second largest Tibetan Buddhist lamasery in Yunnan. On the way to Shangri-La, set out for the ephemeral Napa Lake which recedes into green grassland during dry season, only to be revived by fresh snowmelt. Explore the winding lanes of Dukezong Old Town, filled with multicolored Tibetan prayer flags, outdoor markets and prayer halls. Day 6: Wander through the gilded pillars and incense-filled rooms of Songzanlin Monastery, the largest Tibetan lamasery in Yunnan. Duck into the foliage of Pudacuo National Park for a chance to escape the crowds as you wander deep into the heart of Shangri-la’s wilderness. Day 7: Say goodbye to your local hosts as you transfer to Shangri-La Airport. Your guide will help you check in for your departure flight and your journey will draw to a close.

This Itinerary Is Just A Teaser Of The Many Possibilities Awaiting You MEET AN EXPERT  Sharing views on village life and the modern world with a shaman-cum-chief.  CONTACT US

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