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Mt. Kailash Pilgrimage

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Shanghai Art Walk

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Tibet is a sacred place and abundant of holy peaks. Among them, Mount Kailash (6638 meters) is revered as the holiest destination of pilgrimage to Tibetans. Attracted by breathtaking mountain scenery and palpable sense of holiness in this particular region, numerous tourists and believers flock to Darchen (4675 meters) to have a try of the ultimate 3-day kora …

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This special designed Art Walk will introduce you to a creative and versatile aspect of Shanghai. Starting your walk in Pudong, at a former coal factory, crossing the river where we head to some hidden galleries, you’ll experience Shanghai’s way of life & work and learn about artists that got inspired by this remarkable city. Contact …

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Every textile tells a story if you know what to look for, especially the antique textiles you’ll see in museums and elegant shops throughout Asia and Southeast Asia. Going to local markets, museums, and festivals allows you to truly immerse yourself in the culture. The raw material – cotton, silk, plant fibers or camel hair – tells you where the weaving was done. The colors speak …

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Eight years ago, it would have been impossible to find a sophisticated Bangkokian tossing back a shot of ya dong, or Thai herbal moonshine. It costs just 30 cents a pop at shady liquor carts on street corners around the city, found in rows of cookie jars with questionable infusion recipes. While its street version …

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